Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where There's Smoke..., Dept.

Wolfowitz Hires Prominent Lawyer in Fight to Stay at World Bank - New York Times

Nothing says "I am innocent of all wrongdoing related to accusations levelled against me concerning inappropriate sexual activity with a subordinate" like hiring the same ambulance-chaser who defended Bill Clinton against Paula Jones.

The shyster in question, Weasel McWeaselbits née Robert S. Bennett, actually had the brass chestnuts to compare the Wolfman's current tribulations to...well, I'll let him speak: "'I am very worried about the rush to judgment,' Mr. Bennett said. 'We just had a wonderful example of that in the Duke lacrosse case.'"

See? Shaha Riza is just like an intoxicated stripper who claims she was raped. Or, wait, does he mean that an anthropomorphized World Bank is like an intoxicated stripper who...? At any rate, Bennett worked as an advisor to and spokesman for the catchily-titled "Committee for Fairness to Duke Families". So, he knows all about cases where the conditions for sexual impropriety are manifest but no actionable offenses can be proven to have been committed.

So, at least for the nonce, Castle Wolfenstein remains untaken, despite what appears to be the vast bulk of its staff and management sharpening pitchforks and lighting torches. And now, with the addition of Robert "the Stain Remover" Bennett, we can look forward to a long, bloody, costly siege.

God bless Chocolate City and its Vanilla Suburbs! Can y'all get to that?

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