Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, Dept.

4 bombings kill 157 people in Baghdad - Yahoo! News

OH MY GOD!!! 157 people killed in one day at one place in a brutal murderous assault!! Clear Katie's schedule! Pre-empt prime-time programming! MSNBC, set up a liveblog! FOX, CNN, stringers and correspondents in 24-hour coverage! Get Nightline all over this! Meredith, Matt, fly over there ASAP! Brian, Charlie, you'll be anchoring in expanded coverage direct from...what's that? ...where? ...Baghdad?


Well, fuck it, then.

Whatevs, y'know?

Can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs'n'shit.

Just ask Richard Perle.

Oh wait, the Chickenhawk's out today taking a second mortgage on his soul.

Just leave a message, then. His familiar checks his voicemail regularly.


tina said...

I've been thinking about the irony of this already - not to take anything away from the tragedy, but where's the national concern for all the other people dying, from either end of the political spectrum or side of the proverbial tracks? If I have to blame someone, I think I'll choose the media.

the sobsister said...

yeah, the media must move and feed without rest or respite. like a shark. only without the compassion and generosity of spirit one generally associates with hungry sharks.

thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the media is so fucking hypocritical. A precious American dies needlessly, and we've all got to wring our hands and search our souls at the tragic loss. But they will daily, blithely, report vast horrors in Iraq without any reflection at all - because the truth is these people have no real value to Americans. It will ever be thus - Americans are too insulated from reality and too smug in their conviction that they are superior in every way. It's maddening and disgusting. Fab-X

orderfire said...

You know, I think it's really insensitive of you to give so much attention to stories like this.
I mean, don't you even care about Sanjaya?????
Hello! Priorities??

the sobsister said...

Fab: I agree. It does come down to the fact that we, as a nation, don't give enough of a fuck about the lives of the people in Iraq (or Darfur or Zimbabwe or...) to do anything other than what's explicitly in our geo-political interest unless forced by circumstances to do so.

OF: You're right. I'm sentencing myself to ten hours of uninterrupted meditation on the miracle that is Ryan Seacrest.