Thursday, April 19, 2007

On The Good Ship Wolfowitz, Dept.

Banker Says He’ll Smooth His Style, but Waters Are Choppy - New York Times

"You've gotta have heaaaart, miles and miles and miles of heaaaart..."

And World Bank President and neo-con cocksman par excellence Paul "Swallow, Don't Spit!" Wolfowitz has heart. To spare.

I mean, look: in lieu of resigning his position due to his disgraceful involvement in the Galpal Scandale, Wolfie offered to "change his management style", noting that his resignation would "not be good for the bank".

Fuckin' ay! What a guy! Just look in the dictionary next to "generous motherfucker" for a picture of the Wolfman, kids. I mean, sure, he could resign due to the impropriety, shadiness, and shame attendant on his actions on behalf of the World Bank employee he was boning but he can't because he's thinking of the bank. Oy, I get verklempt just typing those words.

So, you see, whether it's fending off his deputy's attempts to force his departure from a once-prestigious organization or jettisoning another load of semen down a well-paid subordinate's throat, you would have to go pretty darn far to beat this chickenhawk Casanova for sheer heart!

The White House, of course, recognizes the Wolfster's merits. White House spokesman Anthony "Tony Goombah" Fratto, when asked if "the bank's reputation had been hurt by the controversy", replied, "It's not what we believe." Except he said it in the same tone of voice one might use to note that competing with one's lucrative waste-disposal business might not be beneficial for somebody's health.

See, that shit just doesn't translate onto the printed page.

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