Thursday, April 19, 2007

"To scrape the barnacles off her hull", Dept.

Gonzales rejects call for his ouster - Yahoo! News

Don't cry for me, Albertito.
The truth is you don't know truthing.
Not if it kicked you
Right in the jewels.
Just bite the bullet.
You broke the rules.

You have absolutely got to hand it to Li'l Albertito "Sister, you forgot to give us homework!" Gonzales. The Democrats hate him. The Republicans hate him. Even his own Department hates him. But this tenacious li'l motherfucker just will not say "uncle". Or "I'm leaving". Or the truth.

And he's joined in this aw-shucksable obstinacy by Paul "Ass-Bandits 3: Rectum 'Recker" Wolfowitz who similarly refuses to vacate his comfycozy chair at the World Bank despite the hue and cry being raised by the vice presidents of the Bank, his own deputy, and the staff of the Bank in general over Wolfie's shameless promotion of his current fellatrix.

In both cases, these men enjoy the confidence of a White House so discredited and degenerate that it'd surprise no-one if the Krayola Kid in the Oval Office were to ride his horse into the Capitol and make it a Senator.

But what strikes your sobsister as humorous-if-it-weren't-so-tragic is that these two fucktards feel perfectly comfortable saying, "I don't think I'm leaving!" when any other person possessed of even a grain of a) integrity, b) self-respect, c) responsibility, d) accountability, e) all of the preceding, would have hung his or her head down to his or her knees and gone out in the yard to lay on a dung heap.

At what point does the Universal Override kick in? At what point does the well-being of the Republic take precedence over the political agendas of these shitwits' political master(s)? At what point is Clowntime over?

While I cannot counsel the humiliated-by-dint-of-association rank'n'file at DoJ and the Bank to start boiling tar and plucking chickens, I would recommend they begin comparison-shopping for rails on which to ride these two punchlines out of town. Beat the Memorial Day rush, y'know.

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