Friday, April 20, 2007

You So Crazy!, Dept.

McCain Message to Joke Critics: Get a Life - New York Times

That ol' jokester, John McCain, made a funny when asked on the campaign trail about how to deal with Iran by singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran" to the tune of the Beach Boys' (actually, the Regents' 1961 hit) "Barbara Ann".

Ohmanohman, that is fah-neee! At least twice as funny as it was back in 1980 when Americans were singing it at the height of the hostage crisis! What next, you krazy kidder, an "Ayatollah Assahole-a" t-shirt? Oh stop, my ribs are aching!

And then, according to the NYT, when asked by reporters about his foray into political humor, McCain retorted, "'Please, I was talking to some of my old veterans friends...My response is, Lighten up and get a life.' When reporters asked if the joke was insensitive, McCain said: 'Insensitive to what? The Iranians?'"

Ha ha! Yeah, J-Mac, stick it to 'em! "insensitive to Iranians"?? They're practically animals, am I right? Boo-yaa! It's just you talkin' to guys like guys talk to guys, right? I hope you capped that joke by whippin' your dick out onto the podium and measuring it! Hella-good! Oh, yeah, J-Mac, you got my vote for dangity-dang sure!


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