Friday, August 31, 2007

Plain As The Dick On Your Face, Dept.

Sen. Craig to police: 'I'm not gay' - Yahoo! News

Okay, let's get one thing straight: Senator Larry Craig is not gay. Alright?

He himself has taken every opportunity to state and restate this indisputable fact. He is utterly, totally, unquestionably not gay.

Does he like enthusiastically to fellate strangers in public places until they shoot their stallion loads down his greedy throat? Yes, of course, sure. But that does not make him gay. Okay?

Does he like to solicit hung dudes in bathrooms, back rooms, and back alleys to fuck him like the naughty rag doll he is? Naturally, why not? But that does not make him gay. Got it?

That a distinguished public servant such as Senator Craig should have his name and reputation besmirched by accusations of homosexuality just because he's an inveterate cockgobbler and poopchuter is a tragic commentary on our society. Now, granted, he does get antsy when his cum gauge reads below "Half". And, yes, he does hire his burly male staff based on their willingness to "role play" with him during all-night sessions of Congress. But that doesn't mean he's a pansy, a nancy, a lavender lad. If anything, it means he's such a man that he can tolerate only their masculine company in the sweaty generative act.

So, before you go calling anybody "gay" or "queer" or "sexual predator" or "amoral disease vector" or anything, look beyond his insatiable appetite for tube steak and look into his heart. For there you will see a one-hundred-percent man's man and a conservative patriot too.
Who only occasionally feels the need to deep-throat rough trade in a reeking men's-room stall.


orderfire said...

Mathinks the jizz-guzzling hypocrite doth protest too much.

~ orderfire

the sobsister said...

Methinks you're not wrong.

Nice to see you 'round these parts.

Thanks for stopping by.