Monday, August 06, 2007

QED, Dept.

S.C. Teen Falls 6 Stories, Walks Away -

Yeah, so some 17-year-old kid, Matthew Savage, reaches for something off his terrace and plummets down six flights. He hits other balconies during his descent, bams onto a rooftop, then slides into bushes. Walks away. A couple of scrapes and bruises, that's it.

What I luv about this story is his sister's takeaway from the whole incident: "'This was a "God is real" event, his sister, Mandy Baker, said.'"

Oh my.

I shudder to think of what her conclusion would've been if li'l bro had gone ker-splat on the sidewalk.

But just to recap for first-time readers: if God saves your friend, lover, or family member from certain death, say, from inadvertent six-story plummet, He is sooo real. If He does not, then He is as bogus as those Kate Spade bags the Nigerians sell on Lower Broadway.

To think that so many philosophers and theologians have needlessly spent all that thoughtpower trying to arrive at a satisfactory proof of God's existence, when all they needed to do was take it to the for-real.

Silly rabbits.

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