Monday, January 12, 2009

Velvet Gloves and Shit, Dept.

Israeli leader warns Hamas of 'iron fist' - Yahoo! News: "Israeli leader warns Hamas of 'iron fist'"

You know what I like? When my irony alarm rings so loud, it wakes people in Alabama.

Nothing like an Israeli PM using a term associated with Prussian leader Otto von Bismarck, a professed anti-Semite and self-interested promoter of German anti-Semitism.

*ha ha!* You wacky Israelis! Now, you get to be the oppressors! How do those big-ass boots feel? Good, huh? For a people who have reified the lemma "never forget," y'all sure have forgotten what it feels like to be treated like shit by a militarily superior power that doesn't really consider you much more than the unsightly blotch of skin and blood a flattened human being leaves on a bombarded sidewalk.

Should I quote that Pogo bit about meeting the enemy and he is us? Nah, I'll save it for some time when my irony alarm isn't giving me a headache.

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