Tuesday, January 13, 2009

His Mother Would Be So Proud, Dept.

Britain's Prince Harry apologises for racist language - Yahoo! News:

"Britain's Prince Harry apologises for racist language

Britain's Prince Harry apologised for any offence caused after a self-filmed video was released showing him calling an army colleague a 'Paki' and telling another he looked like a 'raghead'.

The video, obtained by the News of the World weekly, plunges the 24-year-old army lieutenant, third in line to the throne, into fresh controversy four years after he sparked an outcry by wearing a Nazi swastika at a fancy dress party."

Ah, that's the fellow! "Paki" this and "raghead" that. Not to mention that colorful incident with the Nazi costume. Oh ho ho but that Prince Harry is a scamp! You should hear what he has to say about "nigger" colonials and "wog" takeaways, not to mention the "kike" bankers who really control everything, you know...it was all in this cunning little book he half-read, the "Protocols of the Elders" or somesuch. Brilliant stuff; all true, y'know, his granddad told him so.

Rule Brittania and all that. Britons never will be slaves. Just treat other people as if they were. Jolly good. Carry on.

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