Saturday, July 05, 2008

Only the Good Die Young, Dept.

And now I managed to miss the entire month of June. Linear time, what up?

But I break my blogfast with truly important news: Senator Jesse Helms kicked the Whites-Only bucket yesterday at age 86.

Now, on the one hand, some may say that he was a venomous bigot, a homophobe, a cretinous conservative ideologue, a rabidly censorious know-nothing, a smarmy, frogfaced mudslinger and rabble rouser who ran polarizing campaigns designed to pit citizen against citizen, a racist, reactionary fossil with little culture, class or compassion.

On the other hand, he's now facing an eternity of black, gays and artists kicking him in the junk on a daily basis.

So, slap one in the "win" column, America!

And in a footnote from the ever-principled conservative movement, the multiply defeated Constitutional Marriage Amendment resolution has been reintroduced by, among others, Sens. David "Big Bad John" Vitter and Larry "Love/Hate Relationship with Cock" Craig.

My irony meter having blown a fuse at the news, I leave this item for the comment of others.