Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wake, Bake and Make Good, Dept.

Not to give the impression that this it's always 4:20 chez sobsister, but here's a little something for all of you listophiles.

Here in Milk Chocolate City, there are a number of lists and rankings that everyone waits for and bitches about and strives to make.  The AmLaw A-List, for example.  Or Washingtonian's 100 Very Best Restaurants.

Well, move over, Rover, because a new list has hit the streets: The Marijuana Policy Project has just released its inaugural Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users list.

It should come as no surprise that BHO tops the list.  Actually, our last three presidents are on the list, as are a number of celebrities, some unsurprising (Cheech, Chong), some more so.

But it's not a list of famous stoners.  As MPP notes, "...the 2012 'Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users' list is meant to identify people who have used marijuana and achieved high levels of success or influence."

So, corner those bowls--always in moderation, gentle readers--and you too may tread the corridors of power some day.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Straight Dope, Dept.

As crap as BHO's been on decriminalization/legalization, I'm guessing that policy under a Mittens "caffeine is Satan's sex lube" Romney administration would be much less...umm...rational on the topic.

I mean, it's bad enough that Barry's rolled and torched his share of bombers but hasn't translated those Precious Moments™ into real drug policy reform.  And I realize that privatized correctional services are the dotcoms of the 'teens, the jail doors slamming with a satisfying ka-chinnng.  But, hey, how about we make the people at ONDCP go out and find real jobs?  'Cause here's what they have to say about Mary Jane--how many factual errors, mistruths and unsupported generalizations can you find, kids?  Okay, now try the second paragraph.

I think we can do better.  Because that thing is like the Joe Isuzu of policy papers.  Now multiply that by The Angel Moroni Told Me So.

See what I mean?

(inspired by the ever-fab Miz Red)