Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Straight Dope, Dept.

As crap as BHO's been on decriminalization/legalization, I'm guessing that policy under a Mittens "caffeine is Satan's sex lube" Romney administration would be much less...umm...rational on the topic.

I mean, it's bad enough that Barry's rolled and torched his share of bombers but hasn't translated those Precious Moments™ into real drug policy reform.  And I realize that privatized correctional services are the dotcoms of the 'teens, the jail doors slamming with a satisfying ka-chinnng.  But, hey, how about we make the people at ONDCP go out and find real jobs?  'Cause here's what they have to say about Mary Jane--how many factual errors, mistruths and unsupported generalizations can you find, kids?  Okay, now try the second paragraph.

I think we can do better.  Because that thing is like the Joe Isuzu of policy papers.  Now multiply that by The Angel Moroni Told Me So.

See what I mean?

(inspired by the ever-fab Miz Red)

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