Monday, November 12, 2007

A Second Pass over "Nagasaki", Dept.

Well, I don't know about you, Faithful Readers, but I haven't been able to knock the tune "Nagasaki" out of my head after my recent posting. Possibly because I've been scouring YouTube for video versions of that ditty. Which I've found. Some of which I shall now share with you. Because that's just the kind of okay Joe I am. Without further ado then.

Here, the Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra smokes the tune in a big-band reading.

A more laid-back but nonetheless funky reading by the duo of "Red and Struggle", backed by Don Redman and His Orchestra here.

An instrumental version here featuring British stride pianist Neville Dickie.

And here, one of my favorites, Bertie Wooster has a go at it on the old 88s.

More fun than a boxful of puppies! Or, if you don't like puppies, narcotics. Whichever.

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