Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Gilded Age, Dept.

New York's $25,000 dessert sets Guinness record - Yahoo! News

So, a $25,000 chocolate sundae, available at New York City's Serendipity 3, using expensive and exotic cocoas, infused with edible 23-karat gold, served in a goblet lined with edible gold, at the base of which is an 18-karat gold bracelet studded with white diamonds, the contents of said goblet to be eaten, along with gold-covered whipped cream and a side of $2,600/pound truffles, with a gold spoon decorated with white and chocolate-colored diamonds.


If I hear a fiddle being played, does it mean the whole shithouse is going up in flames?

-Knock, knock.
-Who's there?
-"Barbarian" who?
-Taste my sword, decadent American fool!!


Jay said...

i guess being a dessert cook person really pays off!

i should do that for a living!

Anonymous said...

And in a lovely followup to this story, the restaurant was closed by the health department for various violations, mostly having to do with rodent and insect infestations.

I bet you thought those were cocoa beans on that sundae.

Read all about it

the sobsister said...

I saw that in yesterday's news! Granted, most restaurants have back corners they wouldn't want the public to see, but Serendipity's sounded particularly grungy and disgusting.

The Irony Fairy whacked them a good one this time. Thanks for following up on the story.