Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lott's To Ponder, Dept.

Mississippi’s Lott to Leave Senate Seat - New York Times

So, in a few weeks, Senator Trent Lott is going to resign his newly-rewon position of power and authority in the nation's highest legislative chamber.

What could possibly compel a recently-reelected politician to renounce a 35-year career in Congress and the prestigious position of Minority Whip?

Lott claims that he has "financial commitments" to meet, as well as the age-old desire to "do something else".

But could it be the fact that, under new ethics and lobbying rules set to go into effect in 2008, Lott-o would have to wait two years instead of one before lobbying his erstwhile colleagues? Nooo, not Trent! He specifically noted that he was not retiring due to the new rules. So, you can take that assertion to the bank, okay?

Or could it be the rumor flitting about that he's resigning to avoid fallout from a few assignations with a male escort? Please. Trent Lott is a married conservative Republican and a former cheerleader besides. What possible use could he have for a hunky rent boy?

Well, I'm plumb out of guesses. So, we'll have to take the esteemed Senator from the Magnolia State at his word. He's jettisoning a career in politics to do other, unspecified things. Not to dive face-first into the sweet, sweet slop of the lobbying trough as soon as possible and certainly not to avoid the foul breath of manlove scandal.

Best of luck, then, to soon-to-be-former Senator Lott. I expect to see him building homes at a Habitat for Humanity site once the holiday season winds down. If he isn't devoting himself to literacy programs in his native state. How refreshing it is to see a man leave the hurly-burly and ego-crank of national politics to devote himself to good works and grassroots public service.

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