Monday, October 08, 2007

The Fat Man Writes and, Having Writ, Moves On, Dept.

Hey, I don't know nothin' from nothin' but this is American poetry:

Billy got down on his
hands and knees.
He said, "Hey, mama, hey,
let me check your
oil alright?"
And she said,
"No, no, honey,
not tonight.
Come back Monday,
Come back
And then
I might."

The opening to "Fat Man in the Bathtub" by Little Feat. You can hear this song as part of a smoking set offered for stream and sale by the nice folks at 1976 from Winterland. It doesn't get much better, Feat-wise.

One could fritter away countless hours at the Vault.
And them hours ain't fritterin' themselves, amigo, so hie thee hence.

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