Monday, October 22, 2007

Nothing Up My Sleeve, Dept.

Copperfield magic canceled by FBI probe - Yahoo! News

Yeah, so David Copperfield, the smarmy "illusionist", is shutting down his Southeast Asia tour after the feds began investigating him back in Las Vegas. Seems they were following up on allegations that he had tried to make his winkie disappear. Inside an unidentified woman who thought of it more as "forcing himself" on her.

Upside, it helps quell the David-is-gay rumors that have swirled about the prestidigitator ever since Paris Match claimed that his six-year engagement to Bavarian megahottie Claudia Schiffer was a contract-based sham.

Downside, it's called "attempted rape".

-Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a one-eyed snake out of my hat!


Anonymous said...

- Presto! Whoops - don't know my own strength...

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the sobsister said...

*tries to transcribe the R'n'B theme song as syllables, gives up*