Thursday, March 29, 2007

E. Fuddy Busts A Scawy Move, Dept.


imprison karl rove now

Ha ha! Looks like someone's been dipping his brush in the tar bucket!

Good ol' Karl "Fitty Cent...Per Millisecond Is What This Fucking Bloodbath In Iraq Is Costing American Taxpayers" Rove.

He's such a Good Sport, he got up on stage at the recent Radio-Television Correspondents Association Dinner and participated in a "rap" song with improv comics Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. And he danced. By which I mean, he flailed his arms and hopped on one leg. Sort of a back-of-the-short-bus performance, if you will.

But hey, this is the one occasion each year when the poor, retarded man for whom he works will face the assembled media and refer in anything approaching unflattering terms to his performance in the most important job in the Western Hemisphere. So, sure, ol' Karl "the macrocephalic cunt" Rove can act the fool for a few minutes.

I can't help but feel, however, that the Rover might be more-appropriately-clad in an orange jumpsuit and that he might be more-profitably-employed making small rocks out of big rocks.

Ha ha! Who cares? If everyone in this benighted administration who deserved incarceration for his or her misdeeds were actually doing time, who'd be filling the booths at the Prime Rib and Capital Grille and Charlie Palmer and The Caucus Room? Ha ha!

Y'know, I loves me the Radio-Television Correspondents Association Dinner. It's like watching a performance of the prisoners orchestra at Auschwitz: everybody knows there's nothing but death, destruction, and degradation around them but, for one night, music is the food of love.

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