Saturday, March 17, 2012

Walking down the Emerald Aisle, Dept.

Oh, there a group of people you can't make unruly and loud...?

Today, I remembered upon stepping outside my building at noon, is St. Patrick's Day.  Faith and begorrah, sure and the young folk were stumbling up and down the boulevard already!  The Irish rainbow of Kelly green, forest green, lime green, hunter green, olive green, pistachio and chartreuse made it easy to spot these weavin' wannabe sons and daughters of the Auld Sod.

This day brings out an odd "naughtiness" in grown men and women--"look at us! we're *tee hee* sozzled! in public! downtown! and it's okay!"  Your sobsister is not much of a drinker, having learned not to overindulge in spirits by only a few occasions when the room spun the night before, and I wished myself dead the morning after.

In that spirit, I'd like to launch my campaign today to encourage revelers to Smoke the Green, Don't Wear It™, to remember Saint Pádraig.  Wean yourselves from the teat of demon rum, brothers and sisters, with judicious application of the emerald herb.  Your head will thank you for it tomorrow.  Sláinte!

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