Monday, March 05, 2012

BAM!™, Dept.

This is what Food Network’s come to?  Nonstop Guy Fieri?  Jesus, I watched so much of this network back when Emeril ruled the roost with his “twenny or thirty cloves’a gaah-lic” bit.  It’s always been cult o’personality at Food Network, but at least those personalities didn’t make me want to slap them, and they would cook food that I cared to make and eat.  When Food Network actually spun off a show starring Paula Deen’s personality-free sons, I knew it had jumped the shark’s fin soup.

‘Cause you know Julia Child would’ve been a better chef, citizen and educator if she’d punked out her hair and rocked out a “vintage” bowling shirt.  Lesson 1: At Food Network, we broadcast, we don’t narrowcast.

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