Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Hot White North, Dept.

Well, Happy New Year to those of you employing the Gregorian calendar to mark the ineluctable passage of time and the slow march to the grave!  Apropos of little on this gray Sunday, I'll offer you my nominees for the loveliest, most talented Canadian sisters of the 20th century, the O'Hara girls from Toronto:

Mary Margaret

and Catherine

Edging out Calgary's Tegan and Sara Quin and Montreal's Kate and Anna McGarrigle.  Disqualified as half-sisters were Montreal's porn duo of Lanny Barbie (also known as Lannie Barbie, Lannie Barby and Lanny Barby and star of Analgeddon and the unnecessary Meet the Fuckers) and Kimberly Franklin, as well as Canmore, Alberta's Three Sisters mountain range for being a rock formation.  Better luck next time, ladies!

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