Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Less Taste, More Filling, Dept.

Having walked past the windows of the Forever 21 in downtown Choc City every day for some months now, I think I've hit upon their design secret for conveying the chain's unique fashion philosophy.

1) Eyes closed, reach into a large box and pick any five articles of clothing.
2) Dress mannequin with said articles.
3) Repeat until all the mannequins are dressed.
4) Done!

Yes, by just following these simple instructions, you too can dress a store window to feature a "look" situated somewhere between Mad Max and Barely Legal. And not in a good way.

So, hats off to Forever 21 for showing young men and women that they don't need "taste" or an "eye for style" to work in the fashion industry! Next up: Food Network's Sandra Lee demonstrates how lacking the will or skill to cook didn't prevent her from becoming a successful TV "chef"!

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