Tuesday, February 09, 2010

sarah's hands

Grandma's Hands, Dept.

Sarah's hands
Gave her hints on her positions
Sarah's hands
Took a hundred large away
Sarah's hands
Spell out words she should be saying,
She say, "Raisin' taxes ain't for me,
I'm all for Big Energy,
Who said free speech should be free?"
Sarah's hands

Sarah's hands
Used to field-dress baby's dinner
Sarah's hands
Now just play in the couture
Sarah's hands
Are more eloquent than she is, she says,
"Trippy, Grandma sympathize
Baby momma's got loose thighs,
Scream to God and clench her eyes"
Sarah's hands

Sarah's hands
Twitch and fret on FOX's cameras
Sarah's hands
Tell the nation she's no brain
Sarah's hands
Won't touch presidential Bible
She'll say, "Sure, I like to speak in tongues,
Whore for oil and carry guns,
Betcha Jesus loves my sons"
Lord, we hope she never, ever runs.

If God's in Heaven, we won't be in
Sarah's hands

With profound apologies to the great Bill Withers


orderfire said...

God damn, I must engage you to pen parody tunes for my funeral. Massive high fives!

the sobsister said...

Many thanks, OF! My preference would be to pen you parody tunes for a happier occasion, but a gig's a gig.