Sunday, January 17, 2010

Double Meaning, Hidden Dragon, Dept

So, as Constant Readers may know, I'm a big fan of the risque R'n'B. Songs like "Big Ten-Inch Record" and "Let Me Bang Your Box" and "Big Long Slidin' Thing." And, of course, the great crossover double-entendre single, the Dominoes' "Sixty Minute Man." As a consequence of which, readers have asked me, sobsister, are you a sixty-minute man? To which I reply, Sure takes at least that long for the Cialis to kick in. *ha ha* I kid regarding use of erection-enhancing medication. In fact, next week, we're going over to Madrid Airport to see the Spanish Fly. *ha ha* No, really, I've never taken any pills or powders to provoke tumescence, senescence or luminescence. Mainly out of fear of that Four-Hour Erection about which the ads all warn me. I mean, what do you do with it for the remaining three hours and 55 minutes? *ha ha* Oh, dick humor...

At any rate, "Sixty Minute Man." Here's my question. The singer, bass Bill Brown, talks about the 60 minutes comprising 15 minutes of kissin', 15 minutes of teasin', 15 minutes of squeezin' and 15 minutes of "blowin' my top." Now, I thought he was the top. So, I have to recalibrate my entire understanding of the sexual dynamics of that relationship. Is he declaring himself a bottom? Did they do such things in 1951? I thought people were too busy dropping dimes on comsymps before the HUAC to declare their sexual power preference, but I may be wrong.

Note to self: investigate correlation between impotence and chairmanship of congressional committees. Then cross-reference for Republican control of the House and Senate. Then take a nap. Then wake up, refreshed. Then maybe have a little snack, nothing too big, dinner's in a couple of hours.


orderfire said...

Keep on churnin' till the butter comes
Keep on churnin' till the butter comes
Keep on pumpin' - let the butter flow
Wipe off the paddle & churn some more!

A nice pleasant non-sexual tune about the dairy farm by our pal Wynonie Harris, with none of that icky math like the 60 Minute Man. Props to our gal Baikinange for the hookup.

the sobsister said...

That is a charming and, more importantly, wholesome ditty. Thanks for sending it my way, OF.