Sunday, August 24, 2008

Look at me, I'm Cassandra Dee, Dept.

My powers of mystic prognostication have manifested themselves in a way that even I, with my powers of mystic prognostication, could not have predicted.

On August 9, I posited–and you'll have to take my word on this–that the only way London would be able to follow Beijing's budget-shattering, quasi-Biblical opening ceremonies extravaganza would be to have, in 2012, Led Zeppelin parachute into Wembley while playing.

August 24, the closing ceremonies at the "Bird's Nest" stadium in Beijing. Jimmy Page of, yes, of course, Led Zeppelin launches into "Whola Lotta Love," with Leona Lewis on vocals.

Watch this space, as I'll be revealing the Powerball numbers in advance of Wednesday's drawing.

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