Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fighting Fire with Flaming Homosexuality, Dept.

Vatican City: Priest in Gay Sting an ‘Exception’ - New York Times

Yeah. This one deserves to be quoted in its entirety. From the NYT:

"A leading cardinal described as an 'isolated case' a 60-year-old Vatican official caught on a hidden television camera declaring himself gay and making sexual advances to a younger man. The cardinal, Julián Herranz, head of the Vatican’s disciplinary committee, told the newspaper La Repubblica that such cases cause 'sadness, assuredly, but we are aware that these cases are exceptions.' The Vatican official, Msgr. Tommaso Stenico of the Congregation of the Clergy, was suspended last week after being filmed for a program shown on Italian television. He denied that he was gay, called the filming 'a trap' and said he was only pretending to be gay to gather information about 'those who damage the image of the church with homosexual activity.'”

Ah, those canny clergymen. Pretending to be gay in order to extract information from the enemy. Why, he's so dedicated to the cause of Mother Church, I have no doubt that he would have eagerly slobbered all over his target's man-meat and even taken it up the Appian Way! And after his poor, unwitting mark had shot his load all over the monsignor's face, then, THEN he would have been easy prey for the mad information-gathering skillz of the clever Catholic cockcatcher.

Is it any wonder the One True Church has lasted two millennia?

Here's a typically simpleminded CNN story about this scandal. They Connect All the Dots for you, see?, so you don't have to Think Too Hard.

And here's an Italian-language segment on gay priests presented by a smoking hot woman whom you can see at greater length here.

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Pigasus said...

I don't understand the church making such a big deal over this. They have a seminary in Baltimore that's in gay travel guides.