Saturday, January 12, 2013

You Sexy Motherswiffer, Dept.

So, Swiffer.  I did a bit of research as to where its name comes from.  And there's talk about what a genius brand name it is.  It evokes "swift" and "sweep" and other zippy cleaning words.  Which may be true.

My theory: The word "swive," which is archaic English, meaning "to fuck."  Derived from the Old English "swīfan," which means "to sweep" as well as "to wend" and "to move."

I think a clever if naughty adman (or -woman) with maybe a bit of background in Anglo-Saxon came up with a swell product name that has a logical derivation as well as a sexual connotation graduate students in Old English can snigger at.

Who says Beowulf doesn't have applications to modern times?

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