Monday, November 12, 2012

Some Mistakes Were Made, Dept.


I'm a former military officer who thinks it pretty reasonable to have an affair with the head of the CIA with the expectation that no-one will ever find out about it.

I'm a married mother of two who sees nothing wrong with writing a series of threatening anonymous emails to a family friend of my married lover because I feel threatened by her.
I'm a journalist who needs a ghost-writer to actually write the biography of the man I'm bedding.

And I'm a highly educated academic who pretty much always wears sleeveless tops so you can see my cut bi- and triceps all the time.

From Bismarck, North Dakota, ladies and gentlemen, little Paula Dean Kranz! Watch as she attempts to dismantle her life from the inside out! 


Uncle Roy said...

Just checking up on this story on Mother Jones ( ... the updates sound like things are even crazier than the usual DC crazy.

the sobsister said...

Thanks for the tip; I'll check that out.