Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Blue-Eyed Tiger, Dept.

Sobsister favorite Betty Garrett passed on to the Big Screening Room in the Sky on Feb. 12.  She lights up the screen in On the Town despite sharing screens with Frank Sinatra, Ann Miller, Gene Kelly, Vera-Ellen and Jules Munshin, not a shrinking violet in the bunch.  Her man-hungry lady cabdriver is the center of most of the best comic action in the film.  Through most of the film, she eyes Sinatra the way a cartoon cannibal eyes a missionary on the hoof.

So, here's her big number from the aforementioned, "Come Up to My Place," a witty bit of classic Comden and Green.  Sexy, sassy and smart.  The kind of triple-threat movie star not much seen any more.


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Holte Ender said...

'On The Town' they just don't make them like that anymore. The screenwriters would have to include the destruction of New York by singing and dancing aliens.