Friday, January 25, 2008

Ya Can't Keep A Good Man Down...or, for that matter, Paul Wolfowitz, Dept.

Wolfowitz Picked for Arms Control Panel - New York Times

Well, heck, you can kill off an army of the undead easier than you can put down Paul Wolfowitz. You may recall as of our last installment, Wolfie had been shitcanned from the World Bank on account of some administrative hanky-panky involving his shorty, Shaha Riza. Exiled he was, to the ice planet Hoth American Enterprise Institute to "work" as a "defense and foreign policy studies expert". This is called a "Beltway time-out", not unlike the kind imposed on imploding toddlers. According to the AEI website, Castle Wolfenstein is working on "development issues". Like, "how do I develop an onward gig where I can continue to implement my chickenhawk neo-con crack'd-mirror version of foreign policy?"

And, hocus-pocus alakazam!, here it is! Wolfie is going to head the State Department's International Security Advisory Board, an expert panel "charged with supplying independent advice on arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation and related subjects". Hellz yeah! I mean, sure, his work on pre-emption and Afghanistan and Iraq could charitably be characterized as "a bloody cock-up" or possibly "a disgraceful fiasco" or maybe even "a grotesque abortion". But here in Choc City, we believe in Second Chances. Then, after the recipient fucks up, in Third Chances. Then, after the recipient screws the proverbial pooch, in Fourth Chances. I'm not sure how far down the Chance queue The Wolfinator is right now, but, from where I'm standing, only the top of his head is visible over the horizon.

So, yeah, Wolfman Jackoff is going to be offering his most expertish advice to Condoleeza "the extra long-grain" Rice on some trifling little matters like "pending nuclear deals with India and North Korea and an offer to negotiate with Iran over its disputed nuclear program," so what's the worst that could happen?
Well, besides that.
And besides that too.
And, of course, that.
See? Nothing to worry about.
Sleep easy, America. The Wolf is at your door.

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