Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mitt-woch Report, Dept.

Romney Withholds Comment on Killings

Yeah, so Mitt is saying that, until the results of an ongoing investigation are in, he'll withhold judgment on the shoot-first-and-duck-questions-later policies of those fine, fine security professionals who blew away a bunch of Iraqi civilians in a fairly one-sided firefight.

That's very even-handed of him. Very prudent. Why, one might not even necessarily know that his new senior adviser on counterterrorism and national security is a vice chairman at Blackwater USA, the selfsame firm that employed the trigger-happy fellows who sent 11 Iraqis to meet Allah early.

I am totally sure that when the by-no-means-rigged results of this investigations--early guess: blame on both sides, "terrible tragedy", definitely not corporate policy, Blackwater gunmen to be "appropriately disciplined", rules of engagement to be "clarified", payoff to families of dead Iraqis--are revealed that Mittens will respond with words that are measured, just, and designed not to alienate anyone who feels that a few clips emptied into ragheads, for any reason really, is just plain ol' Manifest Destiny rearing its tousled head.

'Cause that's the way Mittens rolls. Get on board or get under the wheels.

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