Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here at Schadenfreude Central..., Dept.

Wolfowitz to resign from World Bank - Yahoo! News

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"Bye bye baby bye bye
It's your turn to cry
That's why we have to say goodbye
So say goodbye"

Oh, Madonna, is there any topic your songs cannot be recontextualized to comment upon?

So, now that Wolfie's playing the lead in the rep production of Dead Man Walking, maybe his Delilah-on-detail, the Black Widow of the Beltway, Shaha Riza, can be persuaded to train her sights on another man. A man with power. Staying power, if you know what I mean. A mucho macho man. A no-way-Jose with a slicked-up coif that could lube a fleet of Ford Crown Vics.

A man

Li'l Albertito Gonzales!

'Cause a sense of decency ain't getting him to quit. Or a sense of shame. Or a sense of accountability.

So, as the evening light flickers and fades o'er the grandeur, the glory, the hubrismeister-in-holey-socks that was Wolfie, let us hope that Shaha Riza isn't too full from devouring her last mate to polish off the Half-Pint Hispanic for dessert.

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