Friday, June 01, 2007

Oh, Boo fucking Hoo!, Dept.

TB patient: 'I hope they forgive me' - Yahoo! News

"TB patient: 'I hope they forgive me'

An Atlanta attorney quarantined with a dangerous strain of tuberculosis apologized to his fellow plane passengers in an interview aired Friday, and insisted he was told he wasn't contagious or a threat to anyone.

'I've lived in this state of constant fear and anxiety and exhaustion for a week now, and to think that someone else is now feeling that, I wouldn't want anyone to feel that way. It's awful,' Andrew Speaker told ABC's 'Good Morning America' from his hospital room in Denver."

Let's see...this cocksucker is a personal injury attorney and he's blubbering on Diane Sawyer's MILFy shoulder that he hopes the people whose lives he may have imperiled through exposure to a vicious, antibiotic-resistant strain of TB because he couldn't be arsed to postpone his fucking wedding will forgive him?!

Yeah, this is more along the lines of what your sobsister is hoping:
that every single person on every single one of the flights he boarded, every single person in attendance at his wedding and honeymoon in Greece, every single person in Canada, basically, every single person in each of the signatory nations to the NATO pact, shows the same forbearance regarding litigation that this ambulance-chasing douchebag has doubtless shown when advising his own clients, and sues him down to the individual hairs on his ass.

It's a big wish but if we all wish it, it just might come true.


Pigasus said...

I think he should have taken a cue from Hollywood and gone straight to rehab.

Patients can give themselves XDR-TB by not completing the initial course of antibiotics when they're first diagnosed. The bacteria that survive the longest are the most resistant to treatment. When the patient then stops taking his meds, those really nasty bacteria have lots of nasty offspring.

It's called evolution and it works.

Most patients can understand the seriousness of their situation and take their meds.

Then there's this knucklehead who has a track record for selectively complying with medical advice.

The cure rate for XDR-TB is actually pretty low. The WHO says it's around 30% for countries with good TB programs. If he infected someone who's already immuno-suppressed, like a chemo patient, he's killed them.

the sobsister said...

Good points all around. Thanks for writing.