Sunday, June 10, 2007

Suicide Bombing, Nothing! Will You LOOK At The Package On That Infidel?!, Dept. - Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A 'Gay Bomb'


So, it seems that our Pentagon, the world's largest collection of guys who want nothing to do with other guys besides killing them, considered at length a proposal for an aphrodisiac bomb that would "cause enemy soldiers to become gay, and to have their units break down because all their soldiers became irresistibly attractive to one another".


"DEATH to you, Great Satan, I sacrifice my body for the glory of...
...OHmyGOD, Mary, will you LOOK at what Miss Thing is wearing?! I'm sorry, did I fall asleep and wake up in 2007 B.C.? 'Cause those croptops are Ancient History, girlfriend!"

I am berry berry glad to live in America where mens they do not fock the other mens except when many many million tax pesos spend to make the bomb to make the mens fock the other mens.

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