Monday, May 14, 2007

Insert Obligatory "Another One Bites The Dust" Reference Here, Dept.

McNulty, Justice Dept. No. 2, resigning - Yahoo! News

Do y'all remember the Block-heads? They were Gumby's nemeses. One had a "G" on his block head, the other a "J". Mute mischievous assholes. Yet incompetent and stupid at the same time. Made at least as big a mess for themselves as they did for good ol' Gumby.

Now-former Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty has a block head. Literally. It's cubical. And one of those hairlines where there's about two inches between his 1963 'do and his non-existent eyebrows.

My intention here is not to indicate that he's like one of the Block-heads in behavior. They may have been stupid but they weren't robotic, humorless apparatchik weasels. No, my intention was simply to draw attention to the fact that now-former DAG McNulty's head is cubical.

Oh, and he most-unwillingly took a bullet for Li'l Albertito Gonzales who, tenacious bugger that he be, still ain't giving up his comfy chair. No go, Alber-to. I fully expect to see his fingernail gougings running from his desktop down the hall down the stairs out the door and over the sidewalk in front of Justice on the day they finally order two bruisers to drag him out of his office.

Li'l Albertito is not a Block-head either. He's simply a corrupt and arrogant asshole who thinks he's wearing the +5 Elven Cloak of Impunity. Regarding his Number 2 (and doesn't that work on so many levels?), Li'l Albertito said, "Paul is an outstanding public servant and a fine attorney who has been valued here at the department, by me and so many others, as both a colleague and a friend." Which in English means: I don't give a fuck if you rape this ofay motherfucker's ass, long as you don't touch a strand on my immaculately-oiled head.

Oh, Li'l Albertito!
You are such a scamp!
So, which do movie you think this is: Last Man Standing or Ten Little Indians?
Better watch out for that butler.
He's got the shifty eyes.

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