Saturday, November 05, 2011

An Educated Consumer Is Our Most Annoyed Customer, Dept.

Right, so I call the Apple Store today and ask which styluses/styli they carry for the iPad. 

The salesperson on the other end says, "We have a couple of silver ones.  Oh, you mean the brand name?  I don't know that.  I can find out, but it'll take a while."

And so, on this brilliant blue fall morning, I feel compelled to ask: are you fucking shitting me?  "A couple of silver ones"??  If you worked in a wine store, would you answer, "We have some white ones and some red ones, and they're in glass bottles"?

Uncle Steve is looking down from Heaven and wishing he could assume corporeal form for only a few minutes just to rip this putz a new rectum.

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